Thanksgiving Day Decorations On A Budget

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(KTVI) – Here come the holidays!  Sure, there are plenty of store bought things you can get to dress up the house and table. But it can be expensive. Why not do it yourself!

Scott Hepper, master designer from Walter Knoll Florist has some great ideas.

  • Wrap a tall bunch of twigs-river birch twigs (1 bunch-10 stems) around a tall cylinder  with a fall scented candle inside. Make two for your mantle. Can also use two tall water glasses or mason jars.
  • Take 2 stalks of wheat (keep them bound) pair them with a bound bunch of cattails, and a bound bunch of bound cinnamon sticks. fan them out and place a burlap wrap/bow at center where they are bound- an excellent grouping for any table, mantle, etc.
  • Candle holders-top them with apples, small flower mounds (flower tops in an oasis ball), pumpkins, pears. great for the entry way or dining table.
  • Fill tall and med clear class cylinders with a little river rock, add water just above the top, and float fall colored candles in some, open a single rose, cut it short and float it in others. Place a grouping of these by themselves or place them on candle holders. 
  • Clay pots-paint with simple water based acrylic-fall tones and add one small kale bloom-pair in sets of 3.
  • Sets of 3 smaller metal pots host a bevy of fruits, pumpkins, gourds, for an eclectic table runner style display.
  • Use old or decorative window and planter boxes and fill with some more brilliant colorful fall potted flowers like a hot orange kalanchoe paired with a bright red begonia and paired with a bright yellow 2nd kalanchoe. makes for a great entry way piece, mantles, or down the middle of the dining table
  • My favorite: apothecary bottles, small splits of empty wine bottles, pair them on a small mass of different sizes, add river birch, safflower, rose hips, roses, or any other single stem for a fab vignette collection of birch and berries. I simply went to my back yard and clipped a few branches off my now fruit laden crab apple tree.


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