The dangers of using digital tags to track your devices

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – If you constantly misplace things like your keys wallet or purse, digital tags are a godsend. They communicate through your smartphone’s blue tooth technology. But, they can also get you into serious trouble.

Blade Technologies Scott Schaffer joins us with some words of caution. He says that the tags can be used to recover stolen property. Since they are very small and unobtrusive, you may find the thief still using your device. Do not confront the thief if you find your item in their possession. Call the police.

Apple’s AirTags begin beeping in less than a day if separated from its owner. If a person has an iOS device, a push alert will let them know someone else’s AirTag is with them. Other types of tags, such as the Galaxy SmartTag, do not give an audible or any sort of notification to the person who has the tag.

Never put trackers on shared objects such as a family car without consent. If you find an AirTag you think belongs to someone else, open the Find My app on an iOS device, go to Items, select “Identify Found Item.” If you think a device was put in your belongings to track you, disable it immediately and take it to law enforcement.

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