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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Henry Goldkamp and Mallory Nezam explained the Poetree Project to Tim Ezell.

This city-wide participatory poetry project will culminate with an installation of poems in Forest Park.

Submit poems to P.O. Box #63438, St. Louis 63163 or Deadline for submissions is December 12.

SOW – Over a month, we will collect poems from St. Louisans and beyond via email or post. We welcome originals, favorites, journal scrawlings – any poems that are meaningful to you.

PLANT – These submissions will then be installed in a grove of barren trees in Forest Park, hanging from tree branches like fruit.

HARVEST – We will then open the poems for harvest, a full day where we invite St. Louisans to come pluck poems from the trees.

SCATTER – During harvest day, we will set up a station set up with custom-branded, pre-stamped envelopes, encouraging participants to pass these wonderful gifts along. We will also have a phonebook handy, in case anyone is inclined to give a complete stranger a pleasant surprise. Like intertwining roots, we are reminded that we are all connected.

SOW PLANT HARVEST SCATTER the seeds back into the universe. Repeat, ad infinitum.

The Poetree Project
Saturday, Dec. 14