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ST. LOUIS – It’s spring but it feels a lot like winter these days. Not so much the weather, but the climate.

Virus. Quarantine. Stay at home. Anxiety. Fear. Loss.

And yet, Easter comes in the midst of it all, even in our darkest moments.

Matt and Amber mourn the loss of their coffee shop, their mission. However, God used their loss to lead them to the life they always wanted. Nate Edmonds suffered the loss of his spouse to cancer, and yet experienced God’s amazing grace in and through his grief. Laughing Bear Bakery is making sure former inmates, written off by many, get a new lease on life. Easter always comes in the midst of chaos, that’s the whole reason for Easter. He is risen!

Easter is coming and not even a pandemic can stop it! Hallelujah! Celebrate with us, Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on Fox 2.