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SWANSEA, Ill. – Some people celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree, holding a recycling drive, or working on a garden. Tim Ezell celebrates Earth Day by dressing like the earth.

President and CEO of HeartLands Conservancy Mary Vandevord explains the new project happening at Swansea Clinton Hills.

HeartLands Conservancy conserves nature and also creates places for people to experience nature in their community.

There will be an exploration garden at Swansea Clinton Hills. It will have a wild flower meadow that will look similar to what the prairies looked like in Illinois before they were removed. They’re also installing “the rain drops journey.” They will demonstrate what it looks like for the rain to flow from the top of the hill into the lake. In order to keep pollution from getting into the lake, they’re installing a rain garden to filter pollutants out and protect the fish.

People can get involved on their volunteer day happening on May 15.

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