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AUGUSTA, Mo. – David Hoffmann and Jerri Hoffmann are high school sweethearts from Augusta, Missouri and now they’re working to make the area’s Mount Pleasant Estates a national wine tasting destination.

The Hoffmanns have bought 51 buildings and four wineries and are working to renovate them. They’re going to build a hotel, bring a boat to the town, and utilize the trolley system.

The Hoffmanns said they are already shipping some of their wine to Naples, Florida.

They also added 20 bronze sculptures throughout Augusta. So visitors can now go on a sculpture walk. They can also ride Clydesdales.

The Augusta Emporium is the town’s general store and it offers a fresh market and grab n’ go snack items. They also sell the Hoffmann Family Company of Wines among others.

Mount Pleasant is the oldest winery in Augusta, and the original wine cellar is still there, right next to the renovated one. The wine cellar was built in 1859.

The Hoffmanns said the newly renovated wine cellar is a great place to host events and they will be opening it up to the public soon. They also have real candles on the wall. They don’t have battery-operated candles. Although, they do have electric lights as well.

The event room will be able to host weddings and receptions and any other large party of up to 250 people. David and Jerri’s hearts belong to Augusta, Missouri and they want people to discover it and love it as much as they do.

The Hoffmanns also love trucks and so when they renovate areas they like to make sure the residents of the area aren’t afraid that things are going to get torn down or changed in a major way. So they have pickup trucks that they’ve renovated that look brand new scattered around the town.

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