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(KTVI) – One of our favorite FOX 2 sponsorships is “Variety” the Children’s Charity.  And just like it’s name, this holiday season, there are a variety of ways you can help these disabled children succeed.

Executive Director Jan Albus talks about a new “donor choose” style page that allows donors to pick a specific donation.

Help A Variety currently has six services that are needed to help local kids with disabilities.

Give what you can to a Variety Kid.

$50 gets books for Emerson Resource Center. Where do you turn when your child is diagnosed? Help Variety parents find the answers they need to help their child.

$100 is for one hour of specialized therapy including speech, physical, occupational, aqua (water), or equine (horse). Without therapy, Variety Kids can`t move, talk, or use their medical equipment properly. Many parents have to choose between food on the table and therapy.

$150 buys a Huffy Bike package, Do you remember your first bike. Help a Variety kids get their first bike.

$500 will give a child a Performing Arts Program Scholarship. Variety Kids can sing, dance and act. All you need to do is give them the chance to be on stage and hear the applause.

$1500 gives a hearing aid. Until a Variety Kid can hear, their world is silent.

$2800 gets a Sports Wheelchair. Get Variety Kids off the sidelines and into the game.

· Give what you can-You choose your gift-donations can be any size from $5-$500.

· All funds stay in the St Louis region. We serve Variety Kids in 30 counties on BOTH sides of the river.

· Charity Navigator rates Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis it`s highest rating-4 stars.

· Give a meaningful gift-a bike for a kid, a hearing aid, a sports wheelchair


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