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ST. LOUIS – Imagine being told your newborn child may never walk, communicate, or eat with his mouth. These were the challenges Lars faced when he was born.

With the help of Variety The Children’s Charity, Lars has surprised everyone with how much he can do at just 5 years old. Although his mom was not surprised.

Lars and his mom Katie Decker explain how Variety has helped Lars progress.

“He has shown us that he’s not going to be limited by any diagnosis or any expectation. So I’m just so proud of him and I’m so excited as he gets older and able to do more and more things,” Katie said.

She said her insurance only went so far when she realized how much therapy Lars needs. She was able to reach out to Variety to be able to get the help Lars needs. Katie said the people that donate to Variety aren’t just giving money for a service, they’re giving a higher quality of life.

Variety The Children’s Charity is working to raise more than $1.5 million to help kids like Lars through their “Everyday Possabilities” campaign.

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