What to do instead of unsubscribing from unwanted emails

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ST. LOUIS – If you’re like most people, you get way too many emails‘ and the solution has always been to scroll down and unsubscribe, but not so fast. Blade Technologies Chief Information Security Officer Scott Schaffer explains.

If you’re receiving something that is unsolicited by email or text and then you unsubscribe from it, Shaffer said that lets the scammer know that they’ve found a real person with a real account. The scammer could then continue contacting you or they could sell your information on the black market.

If you’ve received one of these unsolicited messages via email, mark it as spam and delete it without opening it. From then on, that sender’s messages will always go to your spam folder. If you receive an unsolicited text, delete it without replying to it and then block the number. The Federal government would like people to report any kind of spam texts to the Federal Trade Commission. You can do this by forwarding that text to the number 7726 which spells out spam.

If you’re receiving something that you have signed up for in the past and you would like to unsubscribe, it is safe to hit the unsubscribe button.

There is another scam going around on Facebook. People have been receiving Facebook messages from people asking if they can advertise on their page for a certain amount of money. Schaffer said this is a scam.

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