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(KTVI)- Are you being watched? If you have security cameras, you could be one of 73,000  people being watched.

FOX 2's tech expert, Scott Schaeffer, from Blade Technologies joins us with more.

According to Scott, a peculiar looking website is letting anyone in the world stream from more than 73,000 IP cameras whose respective owners have not yet changed their default passwords.

This appears to be a serious breach of privacy.

  1. IP Cameras have become more inexpensive and easier to install and use.
  2. You can get a basic setup for around $500.00.
  3. Most are configured to allow you to access the live feeds from your smartphone or other device when you are away from home.
  4. A website called Insecam has access to more than 73,000 cameras all around the globe which includes more than 11,000 cameras in the United States, 6,500 in Republic of Korea and almost 5,000 in China.
  5. The person who runs the website says that he does so to alert people of a big security issue: not changing the default passwords on these devices.
  6. These cameras can also expose the geographical coordinates of where they are located.
  7. Protect yourself.
  8. Change the default password on your Internet-connected IP cameras.
  9. These passwords are well-known.
  10. With this password, an outsider could not only observe you remotely but they could change your system`s configuration.


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