Why We Sing Along With Some Songs

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(KTVI) – Dr. Erin Shannon, with Energy Medicine & Holistic Psychology, stopped to explain why people sing along to certain songs in bars or at gatherings.

A study in England found there were similarities with some songs that got the most people singing along.

The study found that pub-goers most enjoyed crooning high-energy songs sung by male vocalists with high chest voices and fewer warbles. All the popular songs spent at least four weeks on the UK music charts.

Crowds that engaged in sing-a-longs were normally younger and the later it was, the more likely it was they would sing.     

Alcohol was also related to the sing-alongs.

People gravitated toward songs with some cultural significance. Even if ‘YMCA’ isn`t on a personal favorite, people know the words and it`s a mainstay at festive events.


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