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Brigit is excited to call St. Louis home after already being a Missouri resident for the past six years. While obtaining her bachelor’s degree of atmospheric science from the University of Missouri, Brigit worked at the ABC affiliate (KMIZ) in Columbia, working behind the scenes as a production assistant. Upon graduation, she was promoted to the morning meteorologist position at KMIZ.

Along with studying at Mizzou, Brigit was able to study abroad at the University of Reading in England, which is known worldwide for it’s top-ranked meteorology program.

Being from Nebraska, Brigit has dealt with severe weather her entire life. At a young age, she remembers her mom telling her about the 1975 tornado that hit Omaha and destroyed the street of their family business. Ever since then, she has always had a curiosity for severe weather.

When Brigit is not forecasting she loves to spend time with friends, cook, visit family in Omaha, travel, and take her dog Bentley on walks.

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    COLUMBIA, Ill. – Disbelief for homeowner Deborah Reynolds, whose home exploded Friday morning in Columbia, Illinois. Reynolds was not in the house at the time but her partner, Eddy Hayes, was. “He said he felt the floor come up under his feet and all of the sudden, the walls blew out,” Reynolds said. Minutes after he woke up to turn on the furnace, Hayes said he heard an explosion. He was in the bathroom at the time, enclosed by walls, […]

  • Fall foliage slow to progress across the bi-state region

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Driving through the bi-state region, it may not look like it typically does in mid-to-late October. In St. Louis, fall foliage has been slow to progress. Across the metro area, fall hues are still hit and miss. Red and yellow colors across our northern counties like St. Charles and Lincoln are becoming more consistent. As for our southern counties like Crawford and Washington, they are still seeing mostly green. We have seen a couple of […]

  • Cooler weather coming after Thursday’s scattered showers

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Expect scattered showers through the day out ahead of that cold front. You’ll want the umbrella handy. Temperatures still start out a bit warmer this morning, near 60, and rise to near 80 for some this afternoon. A cold front approaches tonight. This sparks late evening and overnight storms with more rain likely for the commute again tomorrow. Tomorrow morning temperatures are near 60 degrees, but we will likely see falling afternoon temperatures. It will be […]

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  • Local pumpkin patches hope business ramps up with cooler weather

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Fall weather has returned to the St. Louis region. With the oppressive heat early in the fall season, local pumpkin patches have seen less business. Spring, summer, and fall impacted Thies Farm in Maryland Heights. The normal pumpkin field was flooded earlier in the year thanks to the heavy spring rain. They had to use different land to grow the pumpkins, a bit further away. In the end, the crop did well and there are plenty of pumpkins to choose […]

  • School officials use more than just heat index to keep student athletes safe in the heat

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Tuesday is another record-breaking day with high temperatures rising into the mid-90s and heat indices in the triple digits. We hear heat index all the time but there’s actually another measurement that all schools use across the state to make sure students are staying safe. That’s the wet-bulb globe temperature. This is similar to the heat index but instead of factoring just temp and humidity, the wet-bulb globe temp takes into account the wind, sun […]

  • St. Louis Wheel and Soda Fountain open today at Union Station

    ST. LOUIS – The heat is not stopping St. Louisans from the grand opening of the St. Louis Wheel at Union Station. The 200-foot tall attraction was supposed to be open for business starting October 1. According to officials, the opening date will take place one day sooner, on September 30, 2019. Even in the heat, the gondolas allow for the perfect atmosphere to view the city. “All 42 gondolas are completely enclosed. They are climate-controlled; so heated in the […]

  • Day 5 of fall competes with records set back in the 1800s

    FOREST PARK in ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Day five of fall brings the summer sizzle back. Many St. Louisans are used to this back and forth weather during the transitional months of the year. It is unusual for us to see high temperatures competing with record highs set back in the 1800s. Today’s record is 92 set back in 1891. A few were caught off guard by the heat in Forest Park. “I just went off yesterday’s weather, it was […]

  • IDOT program to hire more snow plow drivers before winter

    East St. Louis, Il. – The Illinois Department of Transportation is looking for seasonal drivers to keep traffic moving during winter storms. The annual snowbird program offers full time and on-call positions. Joseph Monroe, District Aid Operations Engineer, says the task involves more than just clearing roads. “There is a lot of job beyond just snow plowing. Fortunately, we only have snow so many days out of the year,” said Monroe. The worker can expect anything from pothole patching, pre-treating […]

  • St. Clair County bike trail nears completion at the start of pumpkin season

    ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – The beginning of fall means it’s pumpkin season! The crop has been growing for about three months and, of course, the weather has a huge influence on pumpkins. Rain is beneficial to the crop during the growing season, which allows the crop to be planted on time and grow to a healthy size. Rain can be both good and bad. the pumpkins can get too wet causing pumpkins to get disease or decay but luckily, […]

  • West Nile Virus found near Fenton on first day of fall

    FENTON, Mo. – The Jefferson County Health Department found adult mosquitoes that tested positive for the West Nile Virus on September 23. This is the second positive result of the month after the virus was also found in Hillsboro. The virus has not been reported in humans. James Sayers, vector control program supervisor for St. Louis County, said even though it’s rare for humans to contract West Nile, people still need to take precaution. “Even though we are getting into […]

  • Fall foliage up to three weeks late this season, but it’ll be worth the wait

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – In the St. Louis metro area, fall foliage typically peaks towards mid to late October, but this year may be different and St. Louis weather may be to blame. Even with the late arrival, the showcase of colors should be worth the wait. That’s because the sufficient rainfall during the growing season means the trees are healthy. During the summer, chlorophyll production gives green to the leaf. But with shorter days and less sunlight upon us, this […]

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