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  • Kevin Johnson details on the top acts coming to St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS, Mo — What are some of the top acts coming to St. Louis? St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Kevin Johnson has the latest music and comedy shows coming to town.

  • St. Louis compete in ‘Burger Battle’ at Baileys’ Range for 8th anniversary

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Baileys’ Range has invited top St. Louis chefs to duke it out for burger supremacy by creating a burger for their menu.  The event is to celebrate the restaurant’s 8th anniversary. The battle runs through October 31, 2019. The burger ordered the most during the month wins. Past burger battle winners have often taken a permanent spot on the menu. May the best burger win.

  • ‘Crime of the the 21st Century’ Better Business Bureau says scammers are targeting seniors

    ST. LOUIS – Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau talks about senior financial scams. These scams have become so prevalent that they have earned the title “crime of the 21st century”. BBB advises seniors to be aware of the different types of investment and financial schemes that are robbing seniors of their savings.    

  • Author shares how Investing may not just be for the wealthy

    ST.LOUIS -Investing is a financial requirement for achieving financial independence, but it can be overwhelming to those that don’t know how to just get started. Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner`s Guide to Leveling Up Your Money, is about to shake up the misconception that investing is just for the wealthy. Lowry discusses the importance of investing money as well as ways to affordably invest.

  • Home Depot shows ways to prevent fires

    ST. LOUIS – It seems that barely a week goes by without us reporting on a destructive house fire. October is national fire prevention month. US fire departments respond to an average of one home fire every 86 seconds according to the National Fire Protection Association. Dave white from Home Depot talks to Fox 2 about how you can prevent fires.  

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