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  • Phoenix Suns surprise boy after no one shows up to his birthday party

    TUCSON, Ariz. – The Phoenix Suns stepped up to help a heartbroken Arizona boy after his mother posted a photo of her son alone at his birthday pizza party, according to KPHO. Over the weekend, Sil Mazzini said she invited over 30 children from Teddy’s school to attend his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza on Broadway Boulevard in Tucson. How about we celebrate with thousands at our place! Tickets to Wednesday’s #SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon! […]

  • Former teacher faces 353 new charges tied to recording students changing on school grounds

    Hillsborough County, FL (WFTS) — A Hillsborough County teacher who was arrested, accused of secretly recording students undressing on school property, has been arrested again, facing 353 new charges. On September 11 the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation at Bloomingdale Senior High School in Valrico, after being notified by school administration that a student located two cellphones concealed within the fashion design class changing room. One of the devices was actively recording when it was discovered by the […]

  • Russia fires back after Trump threatens to ditch nuclear arms treaty

    The Russian government has said it would be forced “to take measures” if the United States began developing new missile systems, ratcheting up the rhetoric after US President Donald Trump said he would ditch a Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty. Trump told reporters on Saturday that he intended to withdraw the country from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), signed by the Soviet Union and the United States in 1987 during the final years of the Cold War. The agreement has […]

  • ‘Extremely dangerous’ Category 4 Hurricane Willa nearing Mexico’s Pacific coast

    Hurricane Willa is nearing the Pacific coast of Mexico as a Category 4 storm, bringing the potential for life-threatening storm surge, wind and torrents of rain. Willa weakened slightly Monday afternoon, but the National Hurricane Center warns it is still expected to be a dangerous major hurricane when it slams into Mexico’s central Pacific coast on Tuesday. Willa’s maximum sustained winds ticked down from 160 mph to 150 mph, leaving the hurricane just shy of Category 5 strength. Its current […]

  • Trump threatens nuclear buildup until other nations ‘come to their senses’

    President Donald Trump told reporters Monday that the United States would increase its nuclear arsenal until other nations “come to their senses,” threatening an arms race days after he said he would withdraw the US from a Cold War nuclear treaty. “Until people come to their senses, we will build it up,” Trump said from outside the White House. Trump announced over the weekend that he intended to pull the US out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia […]

  • Trump admin temporarily halting some payments under Obamacare program

    The Trump administration announced Saturday that it will temporarily halt billions of dollars in payments under the Affordable Care Act’s risk adjustment program, a move that could shake up insurance markets. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency that oversees the program, cited a recent federal court decision that found the formula for calculating the risk adjustment payments to be flawed. In a March 2018 ruling out of New Mexico, US District Court Judge James Browning that the […]

  • Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

    WASHINGTON – The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC says five of its most valuable artifacts — once thought to be part of the historic Dead Sea Scrolls — are fake and will not be displayed anymore. German-based scholars tested the fragments and found that five “show characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin and therefore will no longer be displayed at the museum.” CNN raised questions about the museum’s Dead Sea Scroll fragments in an article published last November, as the Green […]

  • 30 injured when floor collapses at Clemson frat party

    As a crowded group of Clemson University students and local residents danced and jumped around at an apartment clubhouse late Saturday night, Jeremy Tester felt something strange beneath his feet. “You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of,” he said, “but nobody thought it was going to happen. They just kept going.” But suddenly the floor gave way. Dozens of partiers dropped into free fall and landed in a mass of sprawling bodies in the basement. Police […]

  • ‘Headless chicken monster’ video may help Antarctic conservation

    Australian researchers have developed new technology enabling them for the first time to film a deep-sea swimming sea cucumber, also known as a “headless chicken monster,” in Southern Ocean waters off East Antarctica. The sea cucumber, which has only ever been filmed before in the Gulf of Mexico, was discovered using an underwater camera system developed for commercial long-line fishing by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). It is hoped that the pioneering Australian camera technology that captured the rare footage […]

  • Video shows police officer hitting 14-year-old girl twice after she’s pinned to the ground

    A viral video of a police officer hitting a 14-year-old girl during an arrest has caused outrage in a Florida community. The video — posted to Instagram on Friday — shows a girl being held down by two officers, one man and one woman. The male officer hits the girl in the side twice as he holds her shorts. “Why you hitting her?” someone in the video yells. “She can’t do that, her hands underneath her, the f*** you hitting […]

  • New clues from 911 call emerge in case of missing Wisconsin girl

    MADISON, Wis. – A sheriff’s department dispatch log reveals new information about the night that missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs’ parents were found dead — including that a 911 call appeared to have come from her mother’s cell phone, and that the door to the family’s home had been kicked in. Authorities have been searching for Jayme Closs, 13, since early Monday, when a mysterious 911 call led deputies to discover that her parents had been shot dead at the […]

  • Former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth released from prison after serving 18 years in murder plot

    Sampson County, N.C. – On Monday, former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth walked out of prison a free man. Carruth has served 18 years in the Sampson County Correction Facility for plotting to kill Cherica Adams, the mother of his child. Their child, Chancellor, survived the shooting but suffers from cerebral palsy as a result. At 8 a.m. on Monday, multiple news outlets filmed him walking out of the prison. In 2001, when Carruth was convicted and sentenced on charges […]