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  • 2-Factor Authentication: Hacking of your personal information

    ST. LOUIS – Have you been hacked? Did you blame the vulnerability of the site that was penetrated? Well, you could be a victim of something called “social engineering”. That’s when hackers take advantage of your behavior to get you to do something, like click on links which leave you open to fraud. That’s what’s happening with 2-Factor Authentication and here to talk about it is Scott Schaeffer from Blade Technologies Inc. For more information: Phone: (314) 752-7999

  • STL Moms: Should child supports cases be tried as civil or criminal?

    ST. LOUIS – The new St. Louis County Prosecutor, days after being sworn in, floated an idea about not prosecuting those who fail to pay child support. Wesley Bell claims that his office is moving toward prosecuting child support cases as civil not criminal. So what does all of this mean? Attorney Jonathan Marks with The Marks Law Firm is here with more on your options if you have not received child support. For more  St. Louis County Phone: (314) […]

  • The Better Business Bureau: Scam tracking

    ST. LOUIS – The BBB`s Scam Tracker statistics show St. Louis consumers lost $471,540 in 1,126 scams. About 14.5 percent of those scam reports were on phishing. Phishing is when someone reaches out via email, phone call or text message in an attempt to get personal information or money from their intended victim. Reports on online purchase scams made up nearly 13 percent of those reported to BBB by St. Louis-area consumers. Chris Thetford with the BBB paid a visit […]

  • Schutt Sports using new technology for upgraded helmets

    LITCHFIELD, Ill.  –  Safety is key when developing new equipment for athletes of all ages in all sports.  Schutt Sports has created protective equipment for athletes around the world for almost 100 years. Glenn Beckmann the director of marketing and communications joined FOX 2  to talk about some of the latest technology in helmets. For more information:

  • The perfect wintertime pairing at Longhorn Steakhouse

    ST. LOUIS – For the perfect pairing this wintertime, Longhorn Steakhouse has you covered. The combination is a perfect steak as well as home old fashioned bourbon to warm you inside. Dan Timmons, a Grill Master at Longhorn Steakhouse in O’Fallon Missouri visits the Fox 2 Now kitchen to teach how to properly prepare this yummy meal. Ingredients for steak: 4 12 oz. Boneless ribeye steaks 3 tablespoons salt 1 tablespoon pepper 1 tablespoon granulated onion powder 1 tablespoon granulated […]

  • Conservation Connection: Eagle Day

    ST. LOUIS – If you have an interest in America’s symbol the bald eagle, then Eagle Day is for you. Eagle Day will be on January 19-20 from 9a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. The event is free of charge and includes a chance to see wild eagles, displays, a life-size eagle nest to climb in, and the Bird Sanctuary will have a program with live eagles to meet. Dan Zarlenga with the Missouri Department […]

  • The Consumer Electronics Show: New tech gadgets to make your life easier

    ST. LOUIS – With more than 4,500 exhibitors and 180,000 people coming to Las Vegas to all be apart of the CES convention, it’s kind of a big deal. Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert, talks live to Fox 2 Now to tell you more about what cool, new tech gadgets to expect at this years CES convention. For more information:

  • STL Moms: Teens and vaping hazards

    ST. LOUIS – If you have a teenager, you are likely familiar with vaping or Juuls, if not you should be. Being on the market for just two years, the Juul, which is a type of e-cigarette, has become so popular among young people, it has garnered nearly half of the e-cigarette market share. Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University visits Fox 2 News on the potential dangers of these habits. For more information: 

  • Spirit of St. Louis: The Alzheimer’s Association helpline

    ST. LOUIS – Now that family gatherings are behind us with the holidays, did you notice anything different about an elderly loved ones? Perhaps they are showing signs of some memory or cognitive problems, so what can you do now? Steve Miskovic is a social worker with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Greater Missouri Chapter and joins Fox 2 News to tell about how the organization.  FOX 2 is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association as one of our Spirit […]

  • New gadgets at CES this year

    ST. LOUIS – The Consumer Electronics Show has kicked off in Las Vegas. This year, The Consumer Electronics Association says it will host more than 180,000 attendees, making this show the largest and most influential tech event on the planet. Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong joins us live to tell us more about what’s new at CES this year. During our 12 p.m. newscast, “Dr. Cool Tech” joined us to preview the life-changing technology that improves our lives and the […]

  • Train with Mike Wayne: Circuit training

    ST. LOUIS – If your new years resolution was to get in shape, then Mike Wayne has a new workout idea for you. He visits the Fox 2 News gym to explain how to circuit train to get in the shape you hope for. For more information: 

  • STL Moms: New year, new food trends

    ST. LOUIS – The new year brings with it new food trends, including some healthy ones. Licensed Dietitian, Kim Yawitz visited Fox 2 News with the scoop on what’s hot in 2019. For more information: or Phone: (314) 413-1996

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