John Pertzborn currently serves as co-anchor for FOX 2 News in the Morning from 7a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Pertzborn joined FOX 2 in 1998. Prior to this, he served as a feature reporter from 1986 to 1997 at KSDK-TV and host of KSDK’s Show Me St. Louis. Pertzborn was also a nationally syndicated feature reporter for the NBC News Channel from 1991-1998.

Pertzborn also worked as an anchor reporter at WBAY-TV in Greenbay, WI, WSAW-TV in Wausau, WI, WISC-TV in Madison, WI and WIBA Radio in Madison, WI.

Pertzborn has won numerous broadcasting awards including four local Emmys, two Illinois Press Awards, one SPJ Best Spot News Award, and The Edward R. Murrow Award. Pertzborn is a 1982 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism. He began his career as a child calling radio talk shows. One summer night in 1972 an announcer named Carl Ames invited young Pertzborn into the WKOW radio studio to be a guest on his show called “Nite Line” and that was just the beginning.

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Recent Articles
  • FOX 2’s John Pertzborn bowtie sells for a record $500 at auction

    ST. LOUIS – Many people may wonder what is the auction value of a John Pertzborn bowtie? Well, a new record was reached Saturday night at Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Florissant’s School Auction. Monsignor Mark Ulrich and auctioneer Steve Rupp worked the crowd and the winning bid was $550 placed by Nathan Bennet owner of Handel’s Resturant. Sacred Heart has 393 students k-8th grade and made a record $135,000 Saturday night.

  • Digital marketing guru says St. Louis is best place for new Amazon headquarters

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. _This Thursday is the deadline for cities trying to win the contest to land Amazon’s second headquarters. The craziest stunt so far, Tucson, Arizona tried to send a giant cactus to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. Here in St. Louis, digital marketing guru Aaron Perlut penned an article for stating that St. Louis is the best choice and there is no one singular selling point. Perlut says Amazon is simply a logistics company and St. Louis is a […]

  • City of Collinsville repeals ‘Sagging Pants’ ordinance

    COLLINSVILLE, Il. _No need to pull up your saggy pants anymore in Collinsville. The Metro East city repealed its ‘Sagging Pants’ ordinance. According to the Belleville News Democrat, the repeal is effective immediately. The ‘Sagging Pants’ ordinance was introduced in 2011 but never enforced. The ordinance required people on public property, including streets and sidewalks, to be quote, ‘properly attired.’ Violators faced a $100 fine citation and up to 40 hours of community service. Collinsville police never wrote a single […]

  • College students, Meningitis B prevention

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Meningitis is fast-moving, and potentially deadly and it’s on the rise this year. There have already been more cases than all of last year. College students are most at risk. The Centers for Disease Control says that of those infected, 10 to 15 percent will die. Of those who survive, 20 percent will have permanent disabilities; brain damage, loss of limbs, hearing loss and/or damage to the nervous system. By state law every college student living on […]

  • St. Louis Craft Beer Week now through Aug. 5

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. _ St. Louis Craft Beer Week runs now through Saturday, August 5th. Comedian Reena Calm and Kelsey McClure from LogBoat Brewing joined us in the FOX 2 kitchen with more on the event!

  • Hey Friend: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days

    ST. LOUIS_ John just made a new friend! Her name is Keisha Mabry. She’s a friendship expert, or as she calls it, a “FriendSpert!” Mabry is also the author of “Hey Friend: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days.” The self proclaimed “connection curator” joined of on FOX 2 News in the Morning to discuss her new book. Mabry travels the world teaching people how to make friends everywhere. Her friend working philosophy is routed in the […]

  • 4th Annual Clayton Restaurant Week July 10-16

    CLAYTON_ A legendary food will help feed the hungry next week. July 10th through the 16th is the 4th Annual Clayton Restaurant Week. One of the 15 restaurants participating is Barcelona Tapas. Frank Schmitz tells us all about the excitement! Participating restaurants are offering 3-course dinners for $25 and/or $35. There are 15 restaurants participating including Ruth`s Chris Steak House. Clayton Restaurant Week is Sponsored by Stella Artois, 312 and Elysian Space Dust IPA; each of which can be added on to […]

  • Making sense of stress

    ST. LOUIS — My father-in-law was once an office worker. He had two heart attacks before the age of 60. But Marcus lived to the ripe age 97 without ever having another major health issue. How did he do it? He claimed by controlling his stress instead of it controlling him. Christine Filonow may agree with that statement. She’s with St. Anthony’s at Hyland Behavioral Health.  She has examples of how to control your stress. Making Sense of Stress South […]

  • Preventing back pain related to yard work

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-You’re yard looks fantastic but what about your body lawn and garden work can cause so many aches and pains if you do it incorrectly? Chiropractor, Dr. Alex Vidan joins us with some muscle soothing concepts. Tips: 1.) Warm Up. Before beginning; take a few minutes to warm up your muscles by doing some dynamic warm up exercises. These include going for a brisk 5 – 10 minute walk OR RUN around the yard, jumping jacks, etc […]

  • How to prevent injuries while golfing

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Golf season is in full-swing and so does the chance you will damage your body. Avoid getting tee’d off from aches and pains with a little golf course physical therapy! Laura O`Connor, Physical Therapist at Athletico, tells us the do’s and don’ts and which areas are abused the most. Helpful exercise tips: Trunk Rotation Stretch: (Utilize folding chair): Stand in a golf stance facing the wall/golf cart, where your feet are about two feet away. Place your […]

  • City Hall prepares for 15th annual Mayor`s Ball

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Mardi Gras festivities are kicking off tonight at the annual Mayor’s Ball. It’s the final celebration for outgoing Mayor Francis Slay. He missed last year’s party while out campaigning for Hillary Clinton is New Hampshire. FOX 2 has live coverage all morning as the preparations get underway. Randi Naughton and John Pertzborn are live at City Hall with more on tonight’s big event!

  • 4-foot Trump tie sculpture celebrates inauguration

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- This Friday President-elect Donald Trump will take the oath of office. But I can assure you, if he were wearing our next guests tie, he would never make it to the podium which would please some people. But not St. Charles artist Frasier Leonard. He is a major Trump supporter and proves it with his latest work from Frasier Leonard Studios. He joined us live with more on his $850 48-inch version tie made of steel.

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