Martin has been with the station since 1997 and has been the primary Sports Anchor since 2000. In addition to anchoring sports Sunday through Thursday, Martin hosts “Rams Weekly” Monday’s at 6:30pm.

A St.Louis native, Martin went to C.B.C. high school before heading to Marquette University. His broadcast career has included stops at KNAZ-TV in Flagstaff, Arizona; WJFW-TV in Rhinelander, Wisconsin; and WISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin.

Martin’s time in the Northwoods included covering snowmobile racing and ice fishing. Career highlights include covering Brett Favre’s win in Super Bowl XXXI, Mark McGwire’s homer pursuit of Roger Maris, and the Rams improbable run to the Super Bowl XXXIV title, and the Cardinals World Series win in 2006.

Recent Articles
  • TKO: It’s Not Just Soccer

    Soccer fans partied like they’ve been waiting for awhile, because they have.  Mayor Slay first kicked the MLS tires back in 2006.    The announcement served as a reminder what the Taylor family vision has been for years.   It’s the subject of this TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion).

  • TKO: No Hitter, No Controversy

    Dakota Hudson was bummed.  I would’ve been too.   The Cardinals no-hitter drought continues.  The Cardinals haven’t had one since 2001 when Bud Smith did it in September of that year against the Padres. But with 111 pitches in the 7th inning I don’t think there was anyway Hudson was going the distance, so Mike Shildt did the right thing.  It’s the subject of TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion).

  • TKO: MLS Name Game

    Just one team.  But already a million or so suggestions for the team name for the new MLS team heading to St. Louis.  Quite a few hope to salute a former St. Louis Rams owner named Enos.   TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion) says all of this is good news because it means we’ve learned our lesson.

  • TKO: MLS Part of STL Momentum

    A soccer match often features extra time after the normally allotted time has run out.  The same formula seems to have been applied to the MLS expansion process.  But for St. Louis, the wait is over.   TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion) says this is about more than just soccer.

  • TKO: The Cardinals Forgotten Man

    The Cardinals were saved on Sunday by a player who delivered 5 rbi.  For the season he’s 8 for 22 with 3 homers.    It’s just that you don’t see him very often.   Lane Thomas is the subject of the latest TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion) presented by Suntrup Ford.

  • Cup Talk with Blues Broadcaster Joey Vitale

    It was his first year in the Blues broadcast booth serving as the team’s radio analyst.  Joey Vitale wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  So naturally, they won the Stanley Cup.   After playing for the Penguins and Coyotes, the CBC High School grad has settled in as part of the Blues extended family.   He stops by the Sports Final studios to talk about the Blues Cup run and what to expect next season.

  • TKO: Flaherty Deserves Better

    The Cardinals have an emerging ace in Jack Flaherty.  The timing is great because of the playoff push, but the Cardinals are not cashing in on his winnable starts.  In his last six starts,  Flaherty has only given up four earned runs.  In those games the Cardinals have won 3 and lost 3.   It’s the subject of the latest TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion).

  • TKO: Hey Cards, Time Is Now

    The Cubs were on pace to win 88 games.   And that was before Jon Lester gave up 10 earned runs on Tuesday night.  It’s a year where the National League Central is wide open.  The Division title is there for the taking.  TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion) wonders why the front office isn’t ready to pounce.

  • TKO: Jack Flaherty in role of Big Boy

    It was a term dropped by the Cubs manager on Thursday saying it was “big boy” time.  TKO (The Kilcoyne Opinion) says that can also apply to the Cardinals young pitcher Jack Flaherty who flirted with a no-hitter against the Cubs.  

  • TKO: Get Mad Bum, Do It

    The Cardinals could use some starting pitching.   The Giants are supposedly taking calls for Madison Bumgarner.   TKO hears the Cardinals are among the teams calling.  The Kilcoyne Opinion says this is a deal that will quiet  a restless fan base.

  • Cardinals Trade Talk: Martin and Chris Hrabe

    The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching (Wednesday).   FOX-2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne and KMOX Cardinals Host Chris Hrabe talk about the urgency the team should feel and what might be available on the trade market.

  • TKO: Mrs. B Turns 90

    The Kilcoyne Opinion (TKO) salutes a long time family friend Margie Baxendale (Mrs. B) as she turns 90.

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