Liz Dowell

Liz Dowell is an online reporter at FOX 2. She was born in Litchfield, Illinois, and grew up watching FOX 2 news with her family. FOX 2 News is one of the reasons she decided to become a journalist.

Dowell used to be a feature reporter and a photojournalist for a small-town newspaper in Centralia, Illinois. She covered events such as local politics, local school news, and other community events.

She has a degree in Liberal Arts, with a major in Journalism, and a concentration in Photojournalism, with a minor in Creative Writing. Furthermore, she also has a Masters in Secondary Education, English.

Dowell is happy to be working at the station that made her want to be a journalist and is excited about this opportunity. Dowell is currently writing about features, true crimes, and history in the St. Louis area.

If you have any story ideas, you can email her at

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