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  • Chet Pleban: The Electoral College

    (KTVI) – Polls out Wednesday morning indicate the race for U.S. President are a tie. And that creates a crazy possibility. It is possible that this election could result in a President Mitt Romney and a Vice President Joe Biden. Attorney Chet Pleban talks about the seldom used Constitutional law. Notes from Chet Pleban: If there is a tie in the electoral college (and, there could be), it will be up to the newly elected House of Representatives to elect […]

  • Chet Pleban: Drunk Driving Blood Test

    (KTVI) – Monday is the day the Supreme Court reconvenes and one of the issues it will be tackling is whether police must get a search warrant before forcing a suspected drunk driver to submit to a blood test. St. Louis defense attorney Chet Pleban talks about the case and how it could set new legal standards for drivers’ privacy.

  • Road Rage: To Charge Or Not To Charge

    (KTVI) – No charges will be field in a road rage incident over the Memorial Day weekend that led to a motorcyclist being shot. Read the full story here.  Both parties gave police differing accounts over what happened.  St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas says no charges will be filed against either party.    Attorney Chet Pleban talks about the case. Read previous stories: No Charges Filed In Road Rage Shooting Road Rage Incident On I-70 Ends in Gunfire

  • Chet Pleban: Red Light Cameras

    Should you pay a $100 red light camera ticket in the City of St. Louis? Last week, St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Mark Neill officially struck down St. Louis' red-light camera ordinance, calling it unconstitutional.

  • Chet Pleban: Should Cameras Be Allowed in the Courtroom?

    The Illinois Supreme Court clears the way for cameras in some courtrooms. The State's highest court made its historic...

  • Chet Pleban: Westboro Church Protesters

    Clayton's protesters and counter protesters walk a fine line expressing their right to free speech and assembly. In the...

  • Chet Pleban: Health Care Mandates and the Catholic Church

    St. Louis native and New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says the Obama administation is on the wrong side of...