Vic Faust anchors Fox 2 news at 5pm. He was born and raised in the St. Louis Metro area and attended Althoff Catholic in Belleville. Faust is a graduate from the University of Missouri where he attended on a football scholarship.

After graduating, Faust started his broadcasting career as color-commentator and pre-post game host for the Missouri Tiger Radio Network on Learfield Communications. His TV career started in 1998. Vic has worked in both sports and news as a reporter and anchor. He has worked in St. Joseph, Missouri, Columbia, Mo, Tulsa, Ok, and Detroit, Mi where he was for 11 years. He has also done extensive work as a radio host in every market he has worked in.

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Recent Articles
  • Protests over St. Louis City’s proposed use of surveillance planes

    ST. LOUIS – A protest over what some call spy planes being used to fly over St. Louis neighborhoods was interrupted by one man demonstrating against the protesters themselves. Privacy Watch St. Louis, the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, and the ACLU were having a protest at St. Louis City Hall on Thursday against the possibility of the city using surveillance planes to watch over St. Louis, when a single protestor arrived with a bullhorn to protest against them. […]

  • The long road to eradicating sex trafficking in St. Louis and Missouri

    ST. LOUIS – Sex trafficking is happening in the St. Louis region and law enforcement say it’s on the rise in Missouri. Since 2007, 3,292 human trafficking cases have been reported in Missouri, with a high concentration St. Louis. It’s the second-fastest growing crime and the unreported cases far outweigh what is being reported locally. “Once a kid is lured in, our children are being sold for sex 15-40 times a day,” said Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good, CEO of Selah […]

  • Transportation secretary announces federal grants to repair aging infrastructure

    ST. LOUIS – Rural communities across the country and in Missouri will see more funding to repair aging infrastructure, US Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao said Tuesday. The transportation secretary announced the new initiative during a meeting of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation at the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel. “Rural communities and their transportation networks are vital to our country because 69 percent of the nation’s lane miles are in rural areas,” Chao said. Slowly but […]

  • St. Louis realtors say now is the time to buy or sell

    ST. LOUIS – With interest rates dropping, there’s lots of fourth-quarter activity and buyers looking for inventory. Surprisingly, now might be the perfect time for people in the St. Louis-area to buy or sell a home. “If you thought you missed the market this year, you didn’t,” said Kathy Helbig-Strick, Realty Experience Partners. “There is no norm for this year. We’re a little bit out of the box on everything.” With lower rates, buyers appear to be getting off the […]

  • Hawley believes impeachment inquiry is about ‘scoring political points’

    ST. LOUIS – Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is speaking out and was very direct on some key issues for Missourians. Calling it a circus with no rules or guidelines, Senator Hawley says it’s time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take a vote on impeaching President Donald Trump and to either follow rules in place for a whistleblower or stop the madness hurting Missourians and Americans. “The House is focused 100 percent on this political game, not about oversight,” Hawley […]

  • Concordance Academy’s Ludeman project has dropped recidivism rates by 40-percent

    ST. LOUIS – Seven out of 10 people who go to prison and get out will go back again. Recidivism is an epidemic in the St. Louis region and the rest of the nation. When Danny Ludeman retired as head of St. Louis-based Wells Fargo Advisors in 2013, he said he did so to be selfless and then turned his attention towards reducing the over 70 percent rate of people returning to prison after getting out. “It’s been proven that […]

  • Wagner says impeachment inquiry is preventing House approval for funding of rape kit testing

    ST. LOUIS – As the talk of impeaching President Donald Trump and investigations into possible wrongdoing continue, vital federal funding remains unapproved by the House to test all the backlogged rape kits in Missouri and around the country. According to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, there are 5,400 backlogged rape kits that need to be tested. Congresswoman Ann Wagner, who represents Missouri’s Second District, said since talk of impeachment of the president has started in the House of Representatives, the […]

  • Man undergoes reconstructive surgery after being shot in the jaw

    ST. LOUIS – We hear about numerous shootings and deaths in our area but what about those who survive being shot? Army veteran Chris Hohman was shot in the chin on March 31. He survived. And with the help of Mercy Hospital facial surgeons, he looks great; but in other ways, he will never be the same. Hohman said one of his best friends, Joshua James Tripp, got drunk and shot him during an argument. “He took it the wrong […]

  • Gov. Parson discusses plan to use state police to assist St. Louis cops fight crime

    ST. LOUIS – Last Thursday, Governor Mike Parson announced a plan to help St. Louis law enforcement as they attack an abundance of serious crime in our area. Twenty-five state personnel will start working Monday, October 1. And while some don’t think it’s enough, the governor said it’s an important start. “It was a big step for the state because we have to take resources from other parts of the state to be able to do this,” Parson said. “But […]

  • Sen. Josh Hawley decries Trump impeachment inquiry

    ST. LOUIS – Democrats and Republicans disagree on a controversial phone call made by President Donald Trump to the Ukrainian president seeking an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. US Senator Josh Hawley says instead of focusing on issues Missourians and Americans want, politicians are wasting time on a non-issue. “I looked at the transcript of the president’s call and don’t see any threat regarding US funding about anything. No quid pro quo,” Hawley said. Democrats like US […]

  • Metro investigating cause of computer glitch that forced cancellation of Call-A-Ride service

    ST. LOUIS – Metro apologized to its customers for technical difficulties that led to them canceling Tuesday’s Call-A-Ride service and has promised to uncover the cause of their recent computer problems. The transit agency began experiencing issues with their servers late Sunday evening into Monday morning. Metro was unable to access scheduled trip data and had to cancel all its Call-A-Ride trips for Tuesday. However, their IT department fixed the glitch and the reservation system was restored. Customers can make […]

  • Massive East St. Louis street hole needs attention

    EAST ST. LOUIS, Il. – A massive hole in the middle of an East St. Louis street is causing some concern for those who live and work near it. The hole is on 14th Street at the intersection of State Street. Large sticks have been in it to warn people. “It’s deep, real deep. If you look in it, it’s deep. It’ s not even a pothole. I don’t know what to call it,” said Janay Jones who works near […]

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