ST. LOUIS – FOX 2 is honoring Black History Month every day of February, and Thursday they put the spotlight on a University City bookstore called Eye See Me.

Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Eye See Me bookstore is turning the page on a chapter of positivity and representation for children of color.

Black Girls Must Be Magic, All Are Welcome, Little Black Boy are some of the titles. Eye See Me bookstore puts an emphasis on having these books to show young black children they can accomplish anything.

The store is not only for students of color though – it’s for everyone and also works to educate children on inclusiveness and seeing good relationships between people of all backgrounds.

Eye See Me bookstore manager Adesina Johnson shared the response from people who come into that bookstore is rewarding.

“Most of the parents, teachers, and a lot of the school administrators when they come in, and they see the books and see this is exactly how this is most students look; they feel like this is a place that they kids will be accepted. The information that’s being relayed about and the positive situation goes a long way. That way, we can see children doing different things that all kids do. In a good environment.”

If you want to get some positive images of success in front of your children, Eye See Me bookstore is celebrating Black History Month with a book box subscription program. You get a box of books every month, but in February those packages will include civil rights leaders, black people in stem studies, black inventors, and scholars.