ST. LOUIS – The Legacy Institute is offering its second session of classes, starting February 25 and ending April 22.

It was founded by Terron Rome as a result of the impact COVID had on minority children and their families. More than 20 academic areas are available in the unique curriculum. Classes in finance, civics and politics, entry-level job preparation, and more.

The classes will be held at Confluence Academy on weekends between the 25 of this month and April 22 and are for kids as young as five up to young adults. Board member Heather Day says the institute is excited to offer its second session of classes starting at the end of this month.

Day shared that seeing the confidence grow in students from using the tools legacy institute is providing is a rewarding feeling. Day also said structure, purpose, and support can help people towards reaching their full potential.

“Absolutely. We’ve seen it after our 10-week session last year we’ve done interviews with our students and simply communicated with them to get a better understanding of what they received from the program – and we can already tell that we are making an impact because they understand budgets better they understand credit they understand that the choices that they make now it impacts their future financially.”

Opportunity and introduction to new things are also a part of the legacy institute. Day explained that chess was one of the most popular classes.  

You can find more about the upcoming session on their website.