ST. LOUIS — Plan a trip to the Griot Museum of Black History if you want to learn a lot about history at a museum. See wax figures, artifacts, and other things that tell the stories of strong African Americans who have made history and helped our communities grow.

It is the second museum of its kind in the country. It opened in 1997 under the original name, the Black World History Wax Museum. The museum got its current name, “Griot,” from west African culture. They say the griot is a highly respected community member who collects and preserves the history that is of value and relevance to the community.

It is a small museum with a big story, you can discover the journeys of dignitaries like Carter G. Woodson, Josephine Baker, Dred and Harriet Scott, Elizabeth Keckley, William Wells Brown, James Milton Turner.

Plan a visit during Black History Month on their website.