ST. LOUIS — Every day in February, Fox 2 honors black history month, and today, there is an opportunity to dive into the stories of black Missourians who left a mark and contributed to history at the Missouri History Museum.

Today, they are inviting you to their “storytelling:themes of black Mississippians” program.
Maya Angelou, civil rights activist and poet, On the pulse of morning, she wrote, “history, despite its tearing sorrow, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be experienced again.”

Her work and story will be investigated by the history museum. Maya Angelou, who was born in St. Louis, has more than 30 best-selling books with themes that are relevant to the black experience.

The museum will also incorporate some of the teachings of Josephine Baker, a St. Louis-born entertainer and civil rights leader. There will be a look at her talent, which brought her popularity from the United States to France, as well as her activism.

According to the public historian at the Missouri History Museum, it is critical for our young to hear stories of greatness and resilience.

Today, at 10:30 a.m., in the historical clubhouse, there will be a storytelling session on the themes of black Mississippians. The interactive learning experience is free to young children and their families. Expect singing, movement, and readings from classic and modern children’s literature.