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Redefining Construction Engineering: XCMG's Journey Continues

XUZHOU, China, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- From the inaugural XCMG Apprentice event in 2016 to the recent Season 8, we've united fans, customers, and partners from across the globe to experience Chinese manufacturing and culture. Today, the XCMG Apprentice stands tall as a cornerstone of our international branding campaign, with an impressive and diverse fanbase that now exceeds 5.5 million, a significant increase from the initial 20,000.

This year's Season 8, themed "XCMG Future Creator", concluded with a resounding success. It seamlessly integrated the concept of "A Better Life" with Intelligent Manufacturing, showcasing construction engineering's real-world impact. Apprentices delved into our global factory bases like XCMG Brasil Indústria, XCMG Europa, UzXCMG, XCMM India Pvt Ltd, exploring the vast possibilities construction engineering offers.

Embracing the spirit of "Help with Love", XCMG engaged in a charitable initiative in Minas Gerais. The journey took them to Uzbekistan, witnessing the unveiling of the 2,500th unit, a symbol of XCMG's enduring dedication to the Belt and Road Initiative. These innovations exemplify XCMG's committed implementation of its core strategy of Internationalization through practical and impactful endeavors.

The XCMG Apprentice S8 united apprentices from across the globe in Xuzhou, offering an immersive experience into XCMG's core value: "Rely on Us, We Never Stop". The apprentices visited the Chaohu-Ma'anshan Intercity Railway Project, highlighting the prowess of XCMG's XGT15000-600S. Across XCMG's diverse divisions, apprentices gained invaluable insights into cutting-edge technology and the collaborative spirit driving XCMG's operations. From intelligent production lines to simulated driving experiences, they experienced firsthand XCMG's commitment to innovation, teamwork, and excellence across machinery and automotive solutions. This hands-on experience provides apprentices with a direct and immersive insight into our products and corporate culture, demonstrating our unique approach to re-shaping the field of construction engineering.

At the closing ceremony of the XCMG Apprentice Season 8, Li Ge, Director of XCMG Global Branding, shared, "We have not only simultaneously launched XCMG Apprentice Campaigns in multiple locations, including XCMG Brazil, XCMG India, Schwing Stetter India, UzXCMG, and XCMG Poland, but also invited apprentices from these locations to visit our headquarter in China. This allows them to experience China's manufacturing capabilities and XCMG's high-quality development, understand the 'creation' and 'innovation' of internationalized XCMG, and develop a fresh perspective on internationalization at XCMG."

Powered by the XCMG Apprentice, XCMG looks forward to an exciting future in construction engineering, driven by innovation and collaboration.


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