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Republican Candidate Daryl Constantine Welcomes Donald Trump to the 2024 Presidential Race

Daryl Constantine is a fan-favorite 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate

UNITED STATES, November 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- On Wednesday former President Donald Trump announced his campaign to reclaim the White House in 2024. On Friday, fellow Republican Presidential candidate Daryl Constantine welcomed him to the race and stated that he looks forward to "a very colorful conversation" with the former President.

When asked about his reaction to Trump's announcement speech, Mr. Constantine said that he loved the idea of rehiring the unvaccinated military with full back pay while expressing differences of opinion on some other topics. "Honestly, I didn't hear too much different than what he ran on in 2016 and 2020." Constantine began before adding "his one big new idea seems to be swift execution for all drug dealers. I think he might want to clarify that position." He continued, "there's been a lot of talk in recent years about excessive incarceration sentences, specifically of young African American men for minor drug-related offenses. It almost sounded like President Trump would just shoot them on the spot. I expect we'll see him clarify that one, probably sooner rather than later. I'd like to make it very clear that I'm not riding with him on that one." He went on "Let's start by closing the dispensaries and scrubbing our cities clean of the graffiti, stuff like that. Those are some but not all of my ideas to address the very real problem of drug-related deaths not only here in America but really all over the world."

Turning to the topic of the 2020 election results Mr. Constantine said that he was pleased to see that Mr. Trump appears to have decided not to continue his false claims of election fraud but added that he felt it was "unusual" to see him bragging about the number of votes he received at the same time he finally conceded defeat. "I also felt it was interesting that he announced a plan to magically put the country on paper ballots only once reelected" adding with a chuckle. "It's a shame he didn't think to do that in 2020" before turning to discuss the results of the mid-term. "Look, there's always this sense with Republicans that they're on the precipice of this giant red wave." According to Mr. Constantine this is all part of what he perceives as a vicious cycle of failure that he plans to reverse as the nominee. "

“The problem with fixating on conspiracy theories about election results is that it's a psychological mechanism that prevents the Party from looking in the mirror and realizing that the playbook hasn't worked, isn't working and will never work. The reality is that in Presidential elections, we've won the popular vote a whopping one time since 1988 and that's just not good enough in a democracy. It is important to examine why the country continues to slide away from us, even on the increasingly rare occasions we manage to win elections. There is a lot of trash that the Democrats get away with, certainly, but when it comes down to it, Republicans haven't had the stomach to confront the things of fundamental importance. Instead, we've been selecting a handful of small, specific examples of much more significant problems to rile up the base and keep them under the illusion that voting Republican does anything other than slow down the Radical Left. The answer for me is always going to be the same, we need to win harder, much harder. We need to take the country, the way a man takes a woman and until we do that all that we are really doing is negotiating the peaceful surrender of the working-class American people into the hands of the elite. Put another way, the Party needs to go on offense. And by offense, I don't me repackage our ideas in a rude and belligerent manner, as we tried with Donald Trump. I mean introducing ideas and policies that alter our nation's trajectory, as opposed to merely slowing the current one, which if we're being authentic, is all we've been doing for the past 50 years.” Mr. Constantine further added.

In other news Mr. Constantine announced his support of a federal ban on assault rifles, adding that he would like to see it tied to his proposed federal ban on pornography and "other things of that nature" that he sees driving the alarming rate of anti-social tendencies in young men. "We have a real problem here with the shootings and once is too many. We need to figure this out across the board because we can't turn on the TV and see our school's getting shot up ever again. For me it's 9/11, it's never again. My red line is always going to be the children, on any topic, that's my red line." He went on to add that he didn't think the idea of reclaiming the country by force was realistic anymore either. "Look, we have drones, no one is taking over the country with armed militias, okay? This isn't a productive fantasy for Republicans, especially when we see how eager the Democrats are to equate meaningful conservatism with domestic terrorism. Let's not help them to paint us in this light."

Instead, he encouraged Republicans to focus their frustration into a more focused, proactive and aggressive national platform. "That's the great thing about our system, we the people get to make the country into anything we want it to be. We get so focused on complaining about the Left's willingness to change the country that we forget that we can change it too. I'm not taking to the streets with a rifle, I'm running for President. Let's state clearly what we want and if the American people like our ideas enough to elect us into office, let's make it happen. If it doesn't work out, focus on our families, which is what really matters," adding that the "boomers on both sides really need to calm down." Then went on "look, there are a lot of goofy things going on in our country, no doubt, but historically speaking we're still substantially safer where we are than most other moments in history. I think as a nation, it's a good time for both sides to calm down, step back from the broken partisanship of the past and start from scratch." He concluded by stating "You'd be surprised how little impact elections have on your day-to-day lives when you turn off the TV. Let's stop strangling each and learn to work together again to make a lasting difference on the quality of life. We can't cut the country in half, as much as we might like to. We've got to come back to the table and fix this."

When asked about other potential opponents Mr. Constantine said it was his policy to only speak in length about candidates who have formally announced but added that he was "extremely confident in what he is doing" and well prepared to confront a wide host of potential adversaries.

Mr. Constantine, who avoids social media, encourages supporters to engage with him on his official campaign website, www.constantine2024.com.

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