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HitechDigital Launches I-Scraper, a cloud-based intelligent data aggregation service for the real estate industry

I-Scraper - A Powerful Web Scraping Tool

I-Scraper - A Powerful Web Scraping Tool

I-Scraper API based Connector

I-Scraper API based Connector

HitechDigital Solutions LLP, the data solutions provider, launches an automated data aggregation service for the real estate industry with dynamic IP rotation.

Property data is the driving force for real estate marketplaces. Real estate data aggregators need to capitalize on their existing data sources effectively.”
— Pranit Banthia, CEO, HitechDigital Solutions
ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- HitechDigital Solutions LLP, a data solutions provider with more than 30 years of experience, has launched I-Scraper, a new automated data aggregation service for real estate companies. The platform uses intelligent automation for complex, high-volume, and accurate property data capture from online sources. The cloud-based tool uses dynamic IP rotation and advanced algorithms with a wide range of configurable settings.

HitechDigital’s latest foray into an all-round web scraping tool is backed by its two decades of leadership in providing real estate data aggregation services. The company has helped aggregate over 2 million property records, and it updates 110,000 real estate listings daily. The firm’s 300+ strong team of listing management experts supervises all automation projects for real estate marketplaces and provides a valuable service to the real estate market.

The Complexity of Data Scraping and Data Aggregation in 2022

Legacy systems have kept the real estate industry from unlocking the true potential of property data, including transaction records, valuations, listings, and other datasets.

With big data and PropTech, alternative detailed data like social media, retail foot traffic, crime rates, and other data have become crucial for insights into risks and valuation. But the aggregation of these complex real estate data sets from disparate sources continues to pose a challenge.

The need for real-time, accurate property data has gone up with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, inducing a no-touch economy where digitalization means survival. The real estate industry weathered challenges including:

• Volatile housing policies
• Mandatory lockdowns
• Restricted property viewings
• Complexity in finalizing deals and much more.

However, new data-driven solutions have also emerged to take the real estate industry to the next level.

HitechDigital – consistently and accurately delivering valuable data aggregation solutions for the real estate industry

HitechDigital has long been conducting real estate data aggregation for clients with custom scripts, bots, and scheduled macros. They have managed projects to capture data from existing property listings, the public domain, and even the digitalization of old documents and deeds.

From managing demographic details and socio-economic information to social media and consumer data, they have helped global clients excel in property listing management. This new intelligent real estate data aggregation service takes data management to the next level.

HitechDigital has developed a scraping tool that will aggregate a variety of information from different sources. Our experience in working with the real estate industry helping to generate leads along with accurate property pricing makes us the perfect firm to develop and promote I-Scraper,” says Mr. Pranit Banthia, CEO of HitechDigital.

What does I-Scraper bring to the table?

I-Scraper is an intelligent and automated data scraping tool that pulls data from multiple websites, including portals with complex security. It has robust and agile web-watcher features to track every single data update and automatically capture them in near-real time.

HitechDigital says the tool delivers structured, machine-readable data sets in CSV and JSON formats after the data is scraped from finite tables and maps. The tool can also meet customized requirements with reusable data type definitions that are required to scrape websites.

Data scraping professionals can leverage dynamic IP rotation and geolocated rotating proxies. This helps them override complex restrictions and extract data from multiple online sources without the danger of being banned by sites.

I-Scraper simplifies the process of real estate data aggregation

I-Scraper features a smart set of attributes that

• Enable easy and scalable data extraction
• Set up smart automation to scrape data from multi-navigation websites, social media profiles, business directories, and more
• Manage accurate data capture and scraping with 100% accuracy
• Configure projects with no coding across web locations and diverse site pages
• Deploy in the cloud or on-premises, enabling utmost flexibility to scrape and store data
• Access and scrape data from multiple websites simultaneously
• Schedule the scraping process for any time through the auto-scheduler option and desired frequency
• Easily integrate with any database or application through API

Banthia adds, “We have leveraged the benefits of data aggregation to power predictive analytics and ML algorithms. The analytics provide insights into the salability of homes by looking at historical data, demographic changes, pricing volatility, and several thousand data attributes for identifying present and future sales.”

Snehal Joshi
HitechDigital Solutions LLP

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