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United Nations Science Summit to Explore the Power of Web3 Technologies in Advancing Sustainable Development Goals


United Nations Sustainability Goals

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- The United Nations General Assembly Science Summit is pleased to announce an exciting and informative panel discussion that will delve into the transformative potential of Web3 technologies in addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This engaging session will be moderated by Doug Messer, a serial entrepreneur and leading figure in the blockchain space, and powered by POAP, the leading platform for minting memories.

The panel, scheduled for 11:00 am EST and available online, promises to be an enlightening exploration of Web3 technologies and their pivotal role in achieving global sustainability objectives. Attendees of the live session will also learn how to set up their own Ethereum account and receive a commemorative POAP, a unique digital memento of the event designed by artist Miles Klotz.

Key Highlights of the Panel Discussion:

- Promising Use Cases: Discover the most promising applications of Web3 technologies and their ability to drive progress towards the SDGs.
- Challenges and Solutions: Identify major technical and societal challenges hindering the adoption of Web3 technologies and explore strategies to overcome these obstacles.
- Equity and Accessibility: Examine how Web3 technologies can promote equity, accessibility, data privacy, and security in the digital realm.
- Emerging Trends: Highlight emerging trends in Web3 technologies and their potential impact on global development and governance.
- International Collaboration: Explore how Web3 technologies can foster international collaboration and cooperation in science and technology, driving scientific innovation and accelerating discovery.
- Responsible Development: Discuss the importance of international collaboration and cooperation to ensure the responsible development and deployment of Web3 technologies, maximizing their benefits while mitigating risks.

Our Distinguished Panelists Include:

- Charlie Isaacs: CTO, Customer Connections @ Salesforce, a key player in Salesforce's efforts to embrace Web3 technologies.
- Mina Salib: Head of Web3 @ Axiom Space, with a passion for combining Web3 technology with space exploration.
- Isabel Gonzalez: Co-founder and General Manager of POAP (the Proof of Attendance Protocol), a pioneer in preserving memories through technology.
- Daria Rzhavtseva: Head of Partnerships at Fuel Arts, a seasoned business development and investment professional specializing in Web3.

About the Panel Moderator:
Douglas Messer is renowned for leading launch and go-to-market strategies for multiple NFT collections of high-profile celebrities and enterprise brands, including artists like Sasha Jafri, The Grammys, and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain insights into the future of Web3 technologies and their potential to drive progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. To join the panel discussion, register at sched.co. The live video stream of the session will be available to registered participants.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Doug Messer

About the United Nations General Assembly Science Summit:
The United Nations General Assembly Science Summit is a prestigious annual event that brings together leading experts, scientists, and innovators from around the world to address pressing global challenges and advance the cause of science and technology in the service of humanity.

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