How can I get my school/organization listed on the School And Business Closings page and on TV?

Please register your school with our website.  That page can be found here.

How do I contact the newsroom with a tip?

Just call our newsroom at 314-644-7531 for general news tips and breaking news stories. You can also e-mail us at KTVINews@tvstl.comOr just fill out this form.

I want to submit a report for Contact 2 with Mike Colombo or You Paid For It with Elliott Davis. What do I do?

Contact 2 news tips can be sent here.

Call the ‘You Paid For’ It hotline anytime at 1-800-846-KTVI.  E-mail a tip in here.

I am having trouble getting good reception on my television. How can I fix this problem?

Our broadcast tower is located in Sappington, Missouri. Please point your television antenna in that direction to receive the best possible reception. You can also subscribe to cable or satellite TV–both carry our television signal.

Who can I contact about Closed Captioning?

You can find information on Closed Captioning questions here.

Does FOX 2 offer tours?

We do not offer organized tours of the station to outside groups nor can we allow groups to view newscasts that are being taped.

I missed a report, how can I get a copy of it?

You can purchase copies of newscasts through Media Watch. Please call them to get a copy of the segment you are looking for: 314-646-7933.  Visit the website for more information.

There was a product recall reported on FOX 2, how can I get more information?

Product recalls can be found online at

How can I request a copy of FOX program or sporting event?

Unfortunately, FOX does not release copies of programs or sporting events.

How can I contact someone at FOX network TV program?

Visit to find out more information on FOX network TV programs.

Can you announce my anniversary/birthday on air?

Although we’d love to announce everybody’s birthday/anniversary on air, there isn’t enough time in the day to cover everyone in our viewing area.

Where can I send a press release to the newsroom?

E-mail your press releases to

How can I get my event covered in the news?

The best way to contact the News Department is by e-mailing

You can also mail information on your event to our News Department at the following address:

2250 Ball Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63146

I want to leave a comment about FOX Network programming. Is there a phone number or e-mail?

Yes! The phone number is 310-369-3066. Make sure you leave your name, phone number and mention KTVI St. Louis when talking about FOX programming. Your comments are very important, and each call is logged and forwarded to the appropriate party. You may also e-mail them at


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