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ST. LOUIS – The topic of an eviction moratorium is popular at the moment. Andrea McNairy, managing attorney at Brown & Crouppen, explains it all in this week’s Legal Lens.

“The CDC eviction moratorium was supposed to expire Aug. 1. It’s intended to prevent landlords from evicting tenants for a specified period of time,” she said. “Due to the current surge in COVID cases and Delta variant, the CDC has extended the date to Oct. 3.”

What should a person do if they believe they’ll be affected?

“To meet the moratorium, you have to meet certain requirements. You have to present the CDC declaration to your landlord. You still owe the rent payments that you are missing and you can still be charged fees for missing payments. It only protects tenants from missing rental payments, it does not protect you from other legal reasons,” McNairy said.

What about the landlord’s point of view?

“COVID has been hard on landlords and renters. Both are missing out on money to pay rental payments. There are some resources for renters and landlords from COVID funds and various state funds that you can check with to see if you apply,” McNairy said.

A lawsuit or a court order is the only way to evict a tenant from a property. Come Oct. 3, McNairy believes there will be an abundance of lawsuits.

“…That’s why they have extended it, especially with COVID numbers and variant going up. They don’t want to exacerbate any surge in numbers. There are resources, and I would encourage your viewers, if they are affected, to reach out to state assistance for housing relief called SAFHR. St. Louis County has an emergency rental program called ERAP, and St. Louis City has a program called ERA 1.”

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