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ST. LOUIS – Whether you decide to buy vacation insurance or not, there are details you need to know to protect yourself.

Should people get trip insurance?

“Sure, it’s summer, people are booking trips and getting vaccinated, and every time you book a trip through a travel agent or Costco, they offer you travel insurance,” said Andrea McNairy, managing attorney at Brown & Crouppen.

When you are talking about travel insurance, a lot of people look at it as a waste of money or a rip-off. But there are things travel insurance can cover and, depending on your details, it could be good for you. 

“Typically, travel insurance will cover things like trip cancellation or trip interruption,” McNairy said.

“Not things like a national disaster or an illness, or if a company goes out of business. It will cover things like medical insurance if you are injured or hurt while on vacation, accidental death or dismemberment, or even your personal items.”

Do you hear of these situations happening where people say, “Man, I wish I would have gotten trip insurance?”

“We heard a lot of that after COVID, but this always goes back to what I tell people, when you get a contract for insurance you buy, you want to read it and read it again,” McNairy said.

“If you are taking a quick weekend to Branson versus a month-long trip to China, you may decide the expense is not worth it, or if you are bringing a lot of camera equipment with you, may not want to purchase it.” 

According to McNairy, what people discovered as their trips were being canceled—amid the COVID outbreak of 2020—was that their insurance excluded pandemic or global pandemic.

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