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ST. LOUIS – New Missouri state laws go into effect on Sunday. In this week’s Legal Lens, Andrea McNairy, the managing attorney for Brown & Crouppen explains what you need to know.

Several new bills passed in the state of Missouri, where do you want to start with that?

“There are several take effect on Sunday. Everything from health to child custody but I think some of the interesting ones are voter ID, opioid addiction treatment, and school bus changes,” McNairy said. “Let’s start with the voter ID, starting Sunday if you vote in the state of Missouri you will need to show your photo ID to cast a vote. Previously, we could use a utility card or paycheck. Now, you will need a driver’s license or passport or state ID with address and picture, and expiration date.”

What about opioid addiction treatment?

“This is a good development. What it will allow the Department of Senior Health and Services to do is issue a statewide order that allows pharmacists to sell and dispense any opioid addiction treatment medication if there is a standing order,” McNairy said. “Also, will allow the Missouri judiciary to access funds to help people with opioid addictions recover and seek treatment.”

What about school bus changes?

“Well, school buses are pinch point now. Not enough busses, not enough drivers, so the state had modified the definition of school bus to include vehicles that carry more than 10 passengers,” McNairy said. “This will allow some school districts if they meet the criteria to hire transportation companies or use other means to get children to school.”

Why are they starting in August now?

“It’s when they go into effect. If you want more information go to,” McNairy said.