ST. LOUIS — A Missouri resident changed his mind about buying a Scratchers ticket and it ended up paying off. He decided to buy a Millionaire Blowout ticket at the Circle K on Gravois Road in Affton. The scratcher ticket costs $50.

“I originally had planned on buying one of the $30 games,” he explained to a Missouri Lottery official. “But I decided to buy that one instead.”

Scratching off the bonus area of the ticket revealed a $10,000 prize. As he continued scratching, he realized he might have a much bigger prize in his hands.

“I actually stopped scratching and looked up the prizes on,” he said.

The winner said that when he realized he won a million dollars he rushed home to his partner. He plans on using the money to renovate renovating their home. 

He added, “We don’t need anything crazy like diamond rings.”

The chances of winning anything in the “Millionaire Blowout” game is around 1 in 2.84. The prizes start at $50 and go up to $5 million. There are several more top prizes left in this game.