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ST. LOUIS – St. Louis kids who grew up in the 2000s are anywhere from 15-25. This may seem like a large gap and people who are 15 are in a much different place in their lives than those who are 25, but nonetheless, they all have some similar happy St. Louis memories.

Select Soccer teams exploded!

St. Louis is a soccer town and many growing up in the 2000s embraced it wholeheartedly. Whether you played for Lou Fusz, Metro Strikers, Kolping Kicks, St. Louis Scott Gallagher or any other team, you proudly wore your jersey. Maybe you even wore your warm-up jacket to school!

Northwest Plaza

This mall, located in St. Ann was the 27th largest mall in the United States according to the International Council of Shopping Centers before it closed in 2010. In the early 2000s, this mall was the hot spot for teens.

We can’t forget to mention the huge video-game arcade called the “Tilt” housed in the lower level of the mall. The tilt was filled with bright neon and black lights which made it a fun scene to play games like skeeball, air-hockey, basketball, videogames, and more.

SLUH Hockey hoodies

If you were on the SLUH Hockey team or you were dating someone on the team you wore this hoodie almost daily! Although CBC was a power house throughout the 00’s, winning 7 Challenge Cup Championships, SLUH Hockey hoodies were seen everywhere.

The Mills Mall

This popular Hazelwood outlet mall opened in 2003 and officially closed in 2019. The mall was not only the go-to place for shopping, but it consisted of fun attractions both in and outside of the building. There was an indoor skate park, bungee jumping, outdoor race track, water activities, and more.

When stores slowly began closing, people were shocked, wondering what the next hangout place would be.

Now, the building is being turned into a youth sports campus called Powerplex STL.

St. Peters Rec-Plex

This place has everything! It was built in 1994 and was the venue for many fun field trips! Students in the St. Louis area would pack up for the day with clothes for every activity from swimming to ice skating. Your parents knew you were going to be tired when you got home.

Del Taco

Del Taco officially left St. Louis in July 2011. You may remember the “flying saucer” building located on South Grand Boulevard which housed both Del Taco and Phillips 66.

It may not seem like the building was a taco restaurant, but you can still see the flying saucer at the now Chipotle and Starbucks.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear was founded in 1997, but 00s kids remember going to so many Build-A-Bear birthday parties. They had stores in all of the malls and specialty Build-A-Bears at every iconic St. Louis spot from the zoo to Busch Stadium.

Baby Elephants at the Zoo

St. Louis Zoo male elephant Raja was born in 1992, but his daughter Maliha was born in 2006 and he had another daughter born in 2007. The elephants have always been a huge attraction at the zoo, but their exhibit became even more popular with babies running around.

Smiley Face Cookies

Back when kids could bring in treats for their birthday, no west county kid wanted to show up with anything other than smiley face cookies from The Party Pastry Shop, also known to many as the ‘akery due to the B not lighting up. The sugar cookies iced with yellow faces, a black smile, and black eyes were a huge hit among all elementary schoolers.

Savvis Center and Scottrade Center

The big building where the Blues play can never seem to keep it’s name. The arena was dubbed the Kiel Center in 1994, but then in 2000 it became the Savvis Center. Then in 2006 it was the Scottrade Center until 2018 when it finally became the Enterprise Center. With so many name changes, your parents undoubtedly took you to the Savvis Center for a game and called it the Kiel Center the whole way there.