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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – You might have heard of the 10-year challenge where people post photos a decade apart on their social media page to show how they’ve changed. Now, a St. Louis neighborhood is getting attention online for its progress over the years, thanks to a Google maps image posted on Reddit.

The photo was posted of the North Sarah development, on North Sarah Street in North City. The development is north of Delmar, which is known to many as the “dividing line” of the city.

Fox 2 spoke with Leslie Christian-Wilson, owner of Diversity Gallery, an all-natural hair salon and boutique.

“We need to stop being fearful of the Delmar Divide,” she said.

In 2012, a BBC news story went viral, after examining the racial and economic divisions along Delmar Boulevard.

Christian-Wilson said she brought her business to the area after it was based in the loop or 15 years. She said she loves what she is seeing in the area, including the completion of a park and she’s hopeful a grocery store is also on the way.