10-year-old’s birthday bash includes cleaning up Collinsville


COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – Most ten-year-olds would likely prefer a birthday party. This one here decided he wanted to do something else, help clean up his community. The best present for this little boy celebrating his birthday, to be present where he lives, looking around for litter in his hometown.

“For his tenth birthday party instead of having a birthday party he wanted to have a community cleanup day,” says Jen Underwood, Spencer’s Mom. “So we said, ‘Alright let’s do it.’”

“Because whenever I am driving by and my Mom is driving and I see some litter I’m like, ‘Pull over, pull over I want to pick that up,’” says Spencer Underwood. “So now we can do it for real.”

“Well he’s always not liked litter and wants me to stop and pick it up,” says Jen Underwood. “One day I said do you want to do that for your birthday instead of a party. To be honest, I was kind of joking and he loved it he jumped on it and said, ‘Yes can we?’ I said I guess.”

Soon they were swept into a community event with the city helping to provide the proper gear to get this part of Main Street picked up. Other residents spread the word and clean up their own neighborhoods. And don’t forget his little sister Marlo who reminded her big brothers that she helped clean up litter on his birthday.

“I said I’m so a part of this,” says Marlo Underwood, Spencer’s Little Sister.

“Did you help pick up trash today?” Asks Clark.

“Yes,” says Marlo with a grin.

A family affair where grandparents and friends pitched in and picked up.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Asks Clark.

“Video game designer,” says Spencer Underwood.

“You can make a lot of money at that,” says Clark. “Make a video game about cleaning up?”

“Yeah, I actually want to do that,” says Spencer Underwood. “How’d you know? How did you know that’s what I wanted to do? How did you know?”

“Maybe we should become business partners,” says Clark.

“Yeah,” says Spencer Underwood.

If he’s cleaning up his town at ten years old, there’s no telling what awaits this well-mannered young man in the future, and today, thinking of others on his birthday.

We are told #SpencersCollinsvilleCleanup was a success and they’re considering having another clean-up birthday party next year when he turns 11.

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