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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – “Every morning when I wake up I’m just so happy like I won the lottery, which I did. I won a kidney,” says Pat Conway, kidney recipient.

Two years ago, Conway was told she’d have to go on dialysis, she was in need of a new kidney.

Immediately I did say I want to donate my kidney,” says Kate Tucker, Pat’s daughter. “She said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re not.’ I told her I’m going to donate.”

Kate and her mother went through months of testing only to find out they were not a tissue match.

Meanwhile, Marti Simon was getting similar news. She, too, would need dialysis and a new kidney. Her best friend Randi Halpern stepped forward.

‘So she went through all these tests and they matched us and we were not a match,” Simon said. “But Randy decided she would go into the pair program.”

Through the Barnes Jewish pairing program, Simon got her match: Kate Turner. Conway got her match as well: Randi Halpern.

Not to mention, Simon was the 10,000th recipient of an organ donation.

The successful surgeries were performed in early January, and now, five weeks later, all four individuals are meeting face-to-face to talk about their organ donor bond.