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CALVERTON PARK, MO – Calverton Park police promise a thorough investigation into the death of an 11-month old baby.  Investigators believe Joseline Eichelberger was left inside a car parked in a driveway for 15 hours.  First responders tried to revive the girl when they responded after receiving a 911 call on Sunday afternoon, but it was too late.

“Temperatures reached about 79 degrees that afternoon which inside of a hot vehicle can get much hotter,” said Calverton Park Public Information Officer Chris Robertson.

He said his department is working closely with the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office.  Robertson said, “It’s heartbreaking when there’s any life lost especially when you’re dealing with a child and of an age that young.”

The child’s grandmother said she discovered the child inside the vehicle in her driveway on Anistasia Drive.  She and other family members say the child’s parents accidentally left Joseline in the car.  They say each parent thought the other one was carrying the child out of the car.

“Nobody would intentionally do that,” said a Lilly Belfield, a family cousin.  “If you saw her smile, laugh, giggle, you would think the same thing.  Nobody would ever hurt this baby.”

One neighbor who said she knew the family well believes the child had been neglected and hopes charges are filed.

“This is ridiculous,” said Velvet Warren.  “The baby did not deserve to die.”

The child’s grandmother insists the parents made an innocent mistake.