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A 12-year-old Florida girl is facing charges after she pinched a boy’s butt at school.

Breana Evans is charged with misdemeanor battery. “I regret it because i didn’t know it would lead to this.”

Breana was read her Miranda Rights, put in the back of a patrol car, and booked into juvenile detention– mugshot and all.

“I feel like it’s just stupid just a stupid charge that shouldn’t have to happen,” said Evans.

Her father Ray Evans believes it’s overreaction from the mother of the boy, who wanted to press charges. “Lord Lord Lordy what has this world come to. Kids can’t even be a kid.”

The pinching itself happened two weeks ago between classes according to a report. Evans said she didn’t know the boy and that it’s a game students often do. The 12-year-old said it’s just a joke.

The boy back then according to the report told the school resource deputy he didn’t want to press charges and Breana was simply suspended. But last week the boy’s mother got involved calling deputies saying that this was battery and she wanted to prosecute. That’s when she was officially charged.

If Breana completes the Diversion Program and does the community service, the classes and passes all of the drug tests, then the charge will be dismissed and her record would be clean.