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MADISON COUNTY, IL – Your attention can save someone’s life. 17-year-old Kristin Allgire was nearly killed January 2nd when riding her bike to work, “I stopped and a car was going to let me go and all of sudden I got hit. It’s all I remember,” said Allgire.

Allgire could barely talk about her bike ride on the Madison County Transit Schoolhouse Trail.

Kristen’s sister Brittany Parker did most of the talking., “They had to do what they call facial surgery. Basically, they say she bit through her lip whenever she fell face first,” said Parker.

Allgire’s crash with a car was on the crosswalk near Horseshoe Lake Road and Eastport Plaza Drive outside of Pontoon Beach, IL. It was just after 4 p.m.

Brittany got the call her sister was unconscious and flying to SLU Hospital, just as Brittany was driving by the crosswalk surrounded by police.

“I didn’t know it was actually the scene of where my sister was hit until after and my mom told me.”

“STOP” is painted on the trail leading up to the crosswalk. Kristin says she did stop when one driver waved her through. She demonstrated how he waived and said he was completely stopped. Brittany added, “The Madison County Sheriff came over and talked to us. They said a car stopped and was letting my sister go and another car flew up.”

She said officers said the second driver did stop to cooperate with the police.

Brittany wants drivers to pay closer attention and consider they could see a person or biker at any second. She says she’ll never forget the call her sister had been hit by a car, “I had a panic attack. I broke down. I really did think I lost my sister.”

Kristen added, “You can literally take someone’s life in a heartbeat. I’m so happy it wasn’t mine.”

Officers are still writing up the police report before the State’s Attorney will consider any possible charges.