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(KTVI)-Doctor Elizabeth Schmidt gathered with her neighbors Thursday.  She hoped to find her missing cat, Satin, alive.  A pet memorial nearby silently spoke the pain of others who already got devastating news.

“She’s pretty scrappy,” Schmidt said, standing outside the charred apartment building. “I’m hoping she’s just kind of looking for food.”

Schmidt says she saw the fire on her way home from dinner with friends Tuesday night.  Satin was still inside.  But at the Humane Society of Missouri Saturday morning, Schmidt could smile a little and joke about how her brother survived Hurricane Katrina.

“The Schmidt family has a propensity for disaster,” she laughed. “He came up and is helping me now.” 

Schmidt saw all the news cameras point toward the door behind her.

“Ooooooh,” she screamed as she pulled Satin out of her crate.  “Hi, lovebug!  Hi angel!”

Four days after the blaze, the Humane Society and owners of the 3949 Apartments are still helping residents find missing pets.

“We do have a couple of reports, that aren’t confirmed,” said Humane Society Animal Cruelty Officer Tim Poorman.  “That there may still be some animals in the building, some cats, specifically.”

But Satin survived, even already having only one eye.

“You don’t smell very smoky,” Schmidt looked Satin over.  “She was an abused and neglected animal.  So, she’s already been through a lot in life.”

Schmidt says Satin is way more than a cat.  Satin is her drive to succeed.

“She’s everything.  She’s the reason why I am a doctor.  I couldn’t have made it through residency without her.”

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