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JERSEYVILLE, Ill. – A major railroad facility is coming to Jerseyville, Illinois. The move is expected to have a significant effect on the region’s transportation and logistics infrastructure, as well as the entire Midwest economy.

Friday’s announcement by Kansas City Southern Railroad will bring approximate 1,000 jobs to the area immediately, with another thousand jobs to follow in the next several years. The $500 million economic investment and development will be privately funded by Atlanta, Ga.-based Stonemont Financial Group, in partnership with the Jerseyville Economic Development Council and Kansas City Southern Railroad.

“The business community, they are energized, they are excited about moving forward with this project,” said Jerseyville Mayor William Russell.

The Jerseyville Economic Development Council promotes economic development activities targeting large and small businesses with a goal to attract new entities and sustain those that are already doing business in the region.

The new logistics center will be used for offloading cargo to semi-trucks along the rail line that runs through the city. The development will also include light manufacturing.

“Having the railroad come here in this facility is a major investment in this entire region and the entire state of Illinois. We are looking at thousands of jobs. We’re looking at … hundreds of millions of dollars being invested right here. Unemployment is gonna start to shoot down and a lot of people we are ready to put to work we are excited to get moving,” said Illinois State Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer(R-Jacksonville).

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner attended Friday’s announcement with other dignitaries and talked about the significance of the investment.

“…It’s probably the largest impact and opportunity that our community will ever have. Our whole region, from the southern part of Illinois, all along corridor 67,  we’ve brought this forward as a regional concept for jobs and for our young people,” Mayor Russell said.