61-year-old veteran with medical issues distraught after pickup truck stolen

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The theft of a military veteran’s pickup is causing him a lot of grief.

Carl Bleier has serious medical problems and the truck allows him to go places, including his doctor and therapy appointments.

The 61-year-old is asking for help in locating his truck. The vehicle is equipped with a hoist that allows him to take his scooter wherever he goes. He can’t walk far; his damaged lungs won’t permit it.

“My lungs are shot; they can’t do nothing for them,” he said.

Bleier is forced to spend much of his day in bed. He’s on oxygen around the clock and ingests lots of medicine.

“Very upset. I mean, I need my truck. I need my lift. I can’t go anywhere,” he said.

Bleier gets around with portable oxygen and his scooter. He said the VA hospital sent him to United Access to get a hoist or lift to install in his 2016 Ford pickup so he could take the scooter where he needs. The truck and hoist were stolen Monday night.

“We believe the keys were taken from the victim’s residence,” said Sgt. Benjamin Granda, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department. “And the suspect or suspects used the keys to flee the scene in the truck.”

Bleier says his son’s homeless friend dropped by for a bite to eat as he occasionally does. That friend brought another man who apparently took the keys and the truck while no one was looking.

Bleier says he learned a tough lesson.

“I’m not going to be able to let them come in anymore because it’s just too dangerous,” he said.

And now nobody seems to be able to give police the exact name of the suspect or where he’s from. Bleier hopes citizens will come to his aid and spot the black pickup with the hoist in the bed of the truck and that they call police.

“I’m very angry. I’m aggravated. I’m more hurt than angry because I tried to help the guys out,” he said.

Bleier’s truck is a black Ford F250 Crew Cab with Missouri license plates 5BH74. The hoist is in the bed of the truck.

Anyone with information on the truck’s whereabouts is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.


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