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HILLSBORO, Mo. – The mayor of Hillsboro was arrested Monday after challenging a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy to a fight and continually poking him in the chest after being warned not to do so.

According to Capt. Gary Higginbotham, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred around 2:05 p.m. at a High Ridge gas station.

A uniformed deputy had stopped at the gas station to pick up a beverage when he was confronted by Mayor Dennis Bradley.

Higginbotham said Bradley, 65, began shouting expletives at the deputy and challenged him to a fight. The deputy told Bradley to go about his business and leave him alone.

Bradley followed the deputy to his patrol vehicle, all the while challenging him to remove his badge and gun. The Bradley then allegedly poked the deputy in the chest, Higginbotham said.

The deputy told Bradley not to touch him and warned the man he would be arrested if he touched him again.

The mayor poked the deputy again, at which point the deputy informed Bradley he was under arrest.

The deputy attempted to handcuff Bradley, but he resisted; he grabbed and twisted the deputy’s fingers/hand, Higginbotham said. The deputy used his pepper spray on Bradley to gain control and take him into custody.

Higginbotham said Bradley has a history of confronting this deputy since he arrested a family member in 2014.

The sheriff’s office sent the arrest report to the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to request charges for the following: fourth-degree assault of law enforcement, resisting arrest, and stalking/harassment.

Meanwhile, a report in Leader Publications said the Hillsboro Board of Alderpersons voted Monday night to seek legal advice about removing Bradley from office.