9-year-old drowns at Alton boat ramp

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ALTON, IL – A 9-year-old boy is dead after a drowning in Alton Illinois.  It happened at the public boat ramp near the Alton Marina.

Within the past week, there have been 3 separate incidents on the water.  I was in Branson after the duck boat sank killing 17 people on board, Grafton where two people were thrown off their boat when it exploded; they both suffered severe burns and recovering in a St. Louis hospital.  Lastly, Monday a 9-year-old boy drowned near the Alton Marina.

Fox 2 reached out to Alton Fire Chief and police neither wanted to go on camera but said they got called out just before 5 pm to rescue the boy.

They don`t know how long he was underwater. EMS Crews tried to save him and took him to a nearby hospital but it was too late.

The Alton Marina’s manager said her thoughts are with the boy’s family.

With so many people out on the water this time of year; whether that`s rivers, lakes or pools, many say it`s important to have a healthy respect for how dangerous the water can be.  While not all accidents can be avoided, it`s important to be cautious around the water.

“I would take swim classes in college even and they helped out a lot so I`d really recommend them,” said Ellie Detmer.

Officials wouldn`t say exactly what the boy was doing when he drowned, but they did say a boat wasn`t involved and there are signs posted at the marina and boat ramp saying no swimming.

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