A Cardinals and Cubs fan creates unique bond despite rivalry between teams


ST. LOUIS – A love for sports is a common ground on which many friendships can be built, but we never thought we’d see this pair until now: a Cardinals fan and a Cubs fan who aren’t friends despite their differences but because of their unique encounter.

The beautiful thing about sports are they bring people together from all walks of life, but some things just don’t mix: Cardinals and Cubs fans. Then two men seemed to have created a bond despite the teams they cheer for.

Rick Stamper is a die-hard Cardinals fan. Dave Banawicz is the same for the Cubs. The odds of these two becoming friends were slim, but one missed flight and an encounter at the airport bar was the start of a special bond.

Despite their loyalty to their respective teams, a 15-year friendship was built around their mutual love for baseball. The two visit each other every year when the Cardinals play at Wrigley and when the Cubs play at Busch Stadium.

It just goes to show, sports can bring anyone, even a Cards and Cubs fan, together.

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