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EDGAR SPRINGS, MO (KTVI) – Stunned is how the Hagin family feels after an early morning storm and lightning strike that killed 12 head of cattle.

The family believes the cows were huddled under this 200 plus year-old, four-story tree when lightning struck it.

Quarter sized hail was reported overnight in Edgar Springs, Missouri about 20 minutes south of Rolla.

The Hagin family has been farming and raising cattle for generations and estimate the loss at around $28,000.

The Hagins say 50 of the cows were unharmed but among the 12 killed by lightning included a registered bull, three calves and two pregnant cows.

“I came over the hill and I saw this and I was on the phone with my Dad and I kept counting more and more,” says Chase Hagin.  “He got off the phone because he thought I was lying.