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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A St. Charles woman believes there is a flaw in the City of St. Louis’ parking meter system. Amy Russell showed us a $15 ticket she received this week for an expired meter. She also showed us a receipt showing her meter was paid during the exact time the ticket was issued.

“I had 15 minutes left,” Russell said.

Russell went to contest her ticket and said a worker admitted there’s a problem.

“They told me the handheld ticket machines don’t sync with the new parking system,” she said.

Russell feels like the victim of a scam and wonders how many people paid fines without checking their receipts. She said a co-worker has received three tickets, even though his meter was paid during the time those tickets were issued.

“It feels to me like they’re taking their chances and hoping people will pay the $15 instead of taking the time to go to the ticket office and get it waived,” she said.

Russell said her ticket was waived. Her co-worker had his tickets waived as well.

Fox 2 News contacted the City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office if there’s a problem with the system and if anything has been done to fix the situation. The office sent us this statement:

“Over the last several months, we have upgraded more than 10,000 meters throughout the city. Our new smart parking technology has significantly increased our customer experience and enforcement operations. This new technology has given us the ability to verify parking sessions in real time, which has been helpful in our investigations of contested parking violations.

“The parking enforcement technology operates from a wireless signal, similar to a cellular phone. At times, the mobile broadband connectivity can become weak or lose signal causing communication to be distorted.

“The Parking Division issues approximately 300,000 parking tickets annually, with less than 1% error rate.”

Patrons who believe that they received a parking violation in error may contact the Parking Violations Bureau at 314-450-2830 or email the Treasurer’s office at