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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – A couple of holiday displays had people buzzing in Jefferson County, Monday night.

There were questions as to whether they were ‘too over the top’.  

In Arnold, there was a bleeding deer in lights, hanging by its feet, with Santa holding the rope.

‘It`s Santa who went hunting,’ said Stacie Kurtz, whose father created the display as part of the family`s tradition ‘Gawdy Christmas’ décor theme.

‘We live in Jefferson County.  We`re a hunting a community.  You see the real ones hanging from people`s garage after they`ve gotten their big kill of the season.  So what`s so wrong about a fake one ?’  she quipped.  

For the most part, neighbors got a kick out of it.

‘It is our Christmas spirit out here.  I love it.  I love looking out my window every year.  It`s been going on 3-4 years now.  It`s awesome,’ said neighbor, Jeff Freeman.   ‘No problem, no problem.  I helped him buy some of this stuff,’ he laughed.

There was another bloody deer display in Barnhart.  Neighbors put there as a prank on the home owner, who responded with an inflatable rooftop Santa taking a potty break, with yellow lights dropping down as if they were urine.

‘It`s a little different.  I would not put that on my house,’ said Neighbor, Crystal Kirby.  ‘ I was looking and I was thinking, `what is that?`’  

Still, she shrugged it off with a laugh.

‘[My neighbor] does those kinds of things.  I`m not offended by it.  

‘We`ve gone for the Griswald effect,’ Kurtz said of her father`s display, referring to the family in the Christmas Vacation movie.

It was less ‘Griswald’ and more ‘Cousin Eddie’, but that was whole the idea.  

‘The weirder the better,’ Kurtz said.  

We did speak to a couple of neighbors who thought the displays should come down.  

They did not want to be interviewed.  They didn’t want to be seen as neighborhood ‘Grinch’s’.

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