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ST. LOUIS – A congregation in South Saint Louis is calling for unity and they’re doing so by example.

“I just want the same respect that I see others have. I think that’s all this is,” says Pastor Shaun Williams, of Christian  Believers.

A simple sentiment during a time of frustration and division, not only across the country but here in St. Louis, as authorities investigate the use of force by a Florissant detective.

He says, “That bothered everybody. I am bothered by and I’m angry by it. I’m a black man. I’ve had to deal with my own issues of racism as a child growing up and still to this day. That’s why God put it in my heart to start this church to break down those walls of division amongst our ethnicities.”

And it’s evident when you look out on his congregation singing and praising together.
It has the power to stop some in their tracks and bring others out of their homes to take part.

Christian believers stream all of their services on Facebook. They have one every day is at noon as well as on Sundays.